Add an employee

Find out how to add one or more new users to your Turbine account.

Adding a single user

  1. Log in as an admin user. If you set up the Turbine account, you are an admin user by default.
  2. Click on the Employees icon in the main menu
  3. Click Add employee
  4. (Optional) Click on the avatar to upload a picture of the employee. You or the employee can upload a new picture later if you prefer. 
  5. Add the employees email address, first, last name and job title 
  6. (Optional) Add the employee’s start date. This is useful information to have on the system and it is also required if you calculate the holiday year based on the anniversary of the employee’s start date.
  7. Click Save and invite (or Save for later if you're not quite ready to invite them)
  8. At this point, Turbine will send the new user an email with a link to enrol in Turbine. This validates that they can receive email and that they have access to their email account.
  9. Note: the maximum number of employees is limited by the plan you have chosen.

Setting time off opening balances and configuration

  1. (Optional) If you are using the time off module, once you have added someone to the system, you can set their opening holiday balance. To do this, click on the newly-added employee in the employee list. You may need to select Invited on the filter menu if they haven’t logged in yet. Click on Statistics. Then click on Add/remove days. Add the number of days required for their opening balance and click Apply.
  2. (Optional) While you’re looking at this page, you may want to set their time off configuration as well. Just click on Company default config for a menu of time off configs.

Adding employees in bulk

You can upload users in bulk. Choose  Upload data from the Settings menu and follow the instructions on the page. It is possible to add users, set up teams and then, when you're ready, send out the invitations to users from this page. If you are adding more than 10 or so users, we recommend this approach.

Recommendations for trial accounts

During the trial period, we suggest:

  • Using a couple of dummy email accounts to experience the system yourself as an admin, a manager and a user.
  • Setting up a separate account for the admin user and only using that for admin tasks.
  • In large companies, running a pilot program with 5-10 users before a large scale deployment.

Note: Before adding real users to Turbine, we recommend:

  • Disabling modules that you aren’t going to use from day one. For example, if you’re not going to use Expenses, switch off now so that users don’t start creating expenses claims on Turbine when they should be doing something else.
  • Create teams, appoint team leaders and set approval rules.
  • If you’re using the Time off feature, it’s very important to configure time off settings before you add employees.
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