Add multiple employees from a spreadsheet

This article explains how to add more than one employee from a spreadsheet at a time.

Before adding many employees, we recommend that you add a few employees individually and run a pilot to make sure you have everything set up, especially any time off settings.
When you're ready, you can add many employees in one go by uploading a spreadsheet CSV file.

  1. Log in as an admin user
  2. Select Bulk import data from the Settings menu
  3. Download the 'employees.csv' file from the link
  4. You have to enter an email address and a holiday days count (this is the opening balance for the employee's time off holiday account). If you're not using the time off feature, just enter 0 in this column.
  5. Other employee information is optional. 
  6. Note that you must use US date formats for dates in this spreadsheet, regardless of the locale you use in the rest of turbine. That means mm/dd/yyyy.
  7. When you're ready, click Choose File and select the file you've prepared and click Upload.
  8. This adds the users to the system so you can assign them to teams etc. However, users aren't active until they have received their invitation emails and click through the activation link.
  9. To take this step, come back to this page and click Invite uninvited users. This will send out the invitation emails.
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