Set up budgets

How budgeting works in Turbine

Budgeting in Turbine is very straightforward. You can assign a budget to each cost centre. Each approved PO or expense claim against that cost centre reduces the budgeted amount.

The available budget is shown on the form when an employee makes a request and when a manager reviews it for approval.

Turbine doesn't stop you making a request against an over-spent cost centre and it doesn't stop a manager approving it. It's just advisory.

Setting a budget for a cost center

  1. Login as an admin user
  2. Select Purchases and expenses from the Settings menu
  3. Click on the yellow pencil by the cost centre in question
  4. Make sure there's a tick in the box by With budget
  5. Enter the budget figure
  6. Click Save

Tracking spending

You can see a list of all the cost centres and remaining budgets and export all the cost centres and actual budgets to compare against the original budgets:

  1. Login as an admin user
  2. Select Purchases and expenses from the Settings menu
  3. Click Export cost centers to CSV

Turbine doesn't remember the original budget amount. We recommend you keep a separate note.

Updating budgets

When you reach the end of the budgeting period, whether it's monthly, quarterly or annual, just go into Turbine and change the available budget figures for all your cost centres.

If you need to change the budget during the budget period, for example if you get additional funds or a cut, add the difference to the existing amount shown in the box. For example, if the actual unspent budget is £950 and you get an additional £250, do NOT put £250 into the budget box. Instead, add £250 to the existing £950 and enter the revised total (£1200) into the budget box.

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