Edit your own requests

These instructions describe changing a time off request but the process is the same for purchases, expenses etc.

  1. Login
  2. Click on the icon in the main menu for the thing you want to change, whether it is a time off request, purchase order, expense claim etc.
  3. Find the request you want to change. (You may find it helpful to switch the view filter from ‘All’ to ‘Mine’ so you just see your own requests)
  4. Click on the request itself – you can click anywhere in the area except on your name. For example, a time off request looks like this.
  5. This will make the request form appear, either on the right hand side if you have a larger window or over the top of the list on a small window. From this view you can click ‘Edit’ to change the request.
  6. Make the changes you want and then click ‘Request’.


  • You can edit or delete a request any time before it is approved or rejected by a manager
  • Once a request has been approved, you can still edit it but any changes must be approved by your manager(s) in the usual way.
  • To delete a request after it has been approved, you’ll need to contact your manager. (Read instructions for managers on how to change or edit employee request.
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