Make an time off request

To request time off:

  1. On the dasbhoard, click New Request and then select Request time off. Or click on Time off on the main menu and then click Request time off button. This brings up the time off request form.
  2. Select the type of time off from the Time off type drop down list.
  3. Click on the calendar to book days off. Note: it's best to book separate holidays in separate requests.
  4. To book half days, click on Half days and then click on the calendar. To convert a whole day booking to a half day, click twice: once to clear the whole day and then again to book a half day.
  5. When you are booking holidays, you can see a breakdown of your allowance – days allowed each year, days taken, pending and approved leaving the number of days available to book. But if it’s a type of time where your employer just keeps track of the number of days you actually take (e.g. sick days or jury duty) then you’ll just see the number of days you’ve selected in this request. 
  6. Enter a note (eg “long weekend holiday” or “doctor’s appointment”) as a reminder. This is optional.
  7. When you’ve booked up all the days you want, click Request. 
  8. At this point the request will go for approval. Depending on how your employer has set your system up, this can happen in several different ways: either it is self-approved or it will go to your line manager or team manager(s) for approval. You’ll get an email when they make a decision. You can see the status of your requests at any time in Turbine.
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