Submit an expense claim

  1. On the Dashboard, click New request and then Request expense or Expenses page, click Request Expense. 
  2. Select a cost center and a supplier from the drop down menu. 
  1. Click +Add item to add a line item for the request. You can add as many as you like. 
  2. Complete the line items – the name of the item, the net cost, the number of items and the tax rate (e.g. VAT). 
  3. You can upload supporting documents using the Add attachment button. Please that there is an upper limit on the file size of these attachments.
  4. Enter details about the request, such as the title (what the expense request is about), the details (any information you think needs to be included) and additional information (such as ledger codes or whatever).
  5. When you’re done, click Request
  6. The claim will be approved according to the rules set up by the company, typically by your line manager or team manager(s). You can track the status of a request in your dashboa
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