Approve or reject requests

Review requests

The dashboard shows the latest updates to requests as they come in. Just click on an item there to review it.

When a subordinate makes a request, you get an email and you can click on the link in the email to go straight to the request itself.

You can click on an icon in the left-hand menu to see requests in different categories, e.g. purchases, time off etc. and that will take you to a chronological list of all requests in that category that you are allowed to approve. You can click anywhere on item (except the requestor’s name) to see that request.

Approve or reject requests

Once you have the request on the screen, you can use the menu on the top right hand side to change the status. For example, for a purchase order, you can mark it approved, received or rejected.

Just click the option you want!

Leaving comments

At the bottom of the request page you can see an audit trail of status changes and comments. You can add notes here and discuss the request with the requester before making your final decision. To leave a comment, just type your note and click Answer

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