Debugging approvals

We are often asked 'why can't person A approve this request from person B?'. This diagnostic guide will help you answer this question.

Understanding approval rules

There are four key concepts to understand about approvals in Turbine.

  1. The system uses ‘teams’ to decide who can approve what
  2. Each team has members (employees)
  3. Each team can, optionally, have managers
  4. Managers in a given team have approval rights over requests from team members

So for a manager to be able to approve a request from an employee, that employee must be a member of a team, the manager must be a manager in that team and the manager must have the appropriate approval rights for requests from members of that team.

Are they on the team?

First, check that the employee is actually in one of the manager’s teams.

  1. Log in as the admin user
  2. Click Employees
  3. Type the name of the employee into the search box (you can use a part of their name too).
  4. Click on the employee from the list view
  5. See if the manager appears in the list of ‘managers’ on the employee’s information page.
  6. If not, you’ll need to make sure that the employee is a member of a team managed by the manager in question . Read more about setting up teams and managers.

Can the manager actually approve the request?

Second, check that the manager can actually approve the request.

  1. Assuming that the employee is a member of a team and the manager is a manager of that team, the problem is with ‘approval permissions’.
  2. Click on the team name from the employee information page to check approval permissions.
  3. In the section marked ‘approve permissions’
  4. Make sure there is a tick box in the type of request you want the manager to be able to approve.
  5. Click ‘Save’. Note that you have to click save next to each section of the teams page when you make a change, so remember to click the save button by the ‘approve permissions’

Next steps

If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact us for expert help.

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