Delete and rehire ex-employees

If you 'Archive' an ex-employee, they will not be able to log and they do not count against your totals for billing. This means that you can ‘re-hire’ them later (see below). However, if you delete them, all their personal details will be deleted permanently and their name will be removed from all their requests (although the requests will remain in the system anonymously).

To delete or archive an ex-employee

  1. Login as an admin user
  2. Click Employees on the main menu
  3. Select the employee you want to discharge to access their information page
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click Archive if you want to keep them in the system. They won't be able to log in and they no long count for billing but you can re-hire them later. All their requests stay in the system with their name associated with them.
  6. Click Delete if you want to permanently delete their details, e.g. for GDPR compliance. In this case, all their requests will remain in the system but will be associated with 'Deleted user' and you will not be able to access their personnel records or rehire them.

To re-hire an ex-employee

  1. Login as an admin user
  2. Click Employees in the main menu 
  3. Select Ex-employees in the filter menu.
  4. Click on the ex-employee you want to re-hire 
  5. Click Edit 
  6. Click Re-hire 
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