What can I customise in Turbine?

There are some things that admin users can customise via the Settings menu:

  • On Company Settings, you can upload a logo for the site and your PDF purchase orders. You can also change the subdomain used to access Turbine. Adding the company address and phone number will make it appear on purchase order PDFs too.
  • You can enable and disable different Turbine Features, for example to switch off features you're not using to begin with.
  • On the Purchases and Expenses page, you can enter a company contact email address, default tax rate and add text that appears on the footer of every PDF purchase order.
  • On the Date and currency page, you can change the date format and default currency for your Turbine account.
  • You can add extra text fields and drop down menus to expense claims and purchase order requests on the Purchases and Expenses page on the settings menu.

Then there are a range of things that the Turbine support team can easily customise on request:

  • Add extra time off categories
  • Add extra time off configs
  • Change the serial number for purchase orders, expenses and time off requests
  • Allow managers to see employee records for their subordinates
  • Allow teammates to see one another's time off requests (eg in the time off calendar)
  • Allow managers to add or subtract holiday allowance (eg to give them the ability to give time off in lieu). Admin users can already do this.
  • Allow managers to create time off requests for subordinates (eg if somebody phones in sick). Admin users can already do this.
  • Stop new user-created suppliers being automatically added to the master list

Unfortunately, we are not able to customise the forms, PO layouts or other core aspects of the application. Sorry.

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