Accounts integration - Quickbooks etc.

Unfortunately, there's no integration between Turbine and Quickbooks. But, here's how they do work well together.

So, first the bad news: there is no API and no direct integration between Turbine and Quickbooks or any other finance or accountancy package. 

But that doesn't mean they don't play well together.

Here are some of the things that people typically want to do and the best way to accomplish them in Turbine.

  • Bulk import employees. Just export your employee data to a spreadsheet and then reimport it to Turbine. 
  • Bulk import suppliers and cost centres. You can bulk upload cost centers and suppliers via a spreadsheet on the Bulk import page of the Settings menu.
  • Export expenses or time off to a payroll package. You can export data from Turbine to a spreadsheet and then re-import it into another application.
  • Check PO status. Most of our clients use an accounts package to track invoices and Turbine to track PO requests and approvals, so there comes a time when you need to check if an invoice is valid - does it have the right PO number? Has the PO been approved? Have the goods arrived? You can use the search box in Turbine to search for a supplier name or a specific PO number and then you can quickly check the status of the PO. Also, you can use the comments in Turbine to log things like invoice numbers and invoice date for cross-referencing.
  • Send a PO to a vendor. Turbine doesn't automatically send out POs to suppliers BUT the approval emails you get from Turbine actually contain a link to a PDF version of the invoice and you can forward the approval email to a supplier and they will be able to download the PDF directly from the email.
  • Use Zapier to integrate with 1,000+ cloud applications.
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