Use your Google account to login

You can connect your Google account to your Turbine account so you can login with Google. 

First, you need to create your account on Turbine the normal way using a Google email address (either a Gmail account or an email address running on Google Apps). 

Once you have created your Turbine account, you need to link it to your Google account.

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner and select Profile
  2. 2. Select Edit to edit your personal details. (Note that you may not see the Statistics or Add buttons on your screen depending on your company's settings.)
  3. Click on Connect google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, choose the one that matches the email address you used for Turbine. (Once connected, you can disconnect your Google account at any time on the same page.)
  4. Now when you sign into Turbine, you can use the Sign in with Google button.
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