Turbine support options

Turbine is designed to be easy to use. Most companies get started without any input from us. The help files in this support site cover the most common scenarios and answer the most frequent questions.

Your support options

  • Search the knowledge base for frequently asked questions. This is usually the quickest route to a solution.
  • Use the support button in the app. Click on the (?) icon to search the knowledge base or ask a question.
  • Send a message using the Contact form. Just click on Contact on the top right on any knowledge base page.
  • Email [email protected] with your questions
  • (For customers on the Large plan) We offer additional onboarding support, for example uploading employee lists or running a short online workshop to help you get started. Contact us for more details.

Why we don't have phone support

We limit support to online communication for a few reasons.

  • Low prices. Online support allows us to keep our costs down, while maintaining a feature-rich application.
  • Time zones. We're based in London, England. Most of Turbine's customers are in other time zones. Email means we can communicate with one another during office hours.
  • Better communications. Online support also let us communicate more efficiently. You can send us screenshots and other diagnostic information. We can send you articles, videos or personalised instructions to help you solve problems quickly.
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