Editing a completed request

By design, if a PO, expense or time off request is marked as 'completed' it is not possible to edit it. This is to prevent fraud or accidental changes to purchase orders, expenses or time off requests that have run their their course.

However, customers on the Medium or Large plans can contact Turbine support directly to make custom changes to team permissions to allow managers or admin users to make changes to completed requests. (This is not possible on the Tiny or Small plans or on the old Bronze, Silver or Gold plans. Find out how to upgrade your account.)

As a workaround for occasional requests that have been accidentally marked as completed, use this procedure:

  1. Select the PO, expense or time off request in question. 
  2. Select Clone from Export menu (this is on the request page next to Edit and Delete, not the Export menu on the list view).
  3. Cloning the request makes a duplicate with a new serial number and resubmits it for approval. 
  4. Approve the new request as normal.
  5. As an admin user, delete the old request.
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