Block unwanted notification emails

You can change your email settings in Turbine so you don't get lots of unwanted notifications. For example, you may log in and do all your approvals in the system so you don't want to get any emails.

You can filter emails inside Turbine or using your email client.

Email filtering in Turbine

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner and select Profile.
  2. Select Edit to edit your personal details. (Note that you may not see the Statistics or Add buttons on your screen depending on your company's settings.)
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your personal details to view the email settings.
  4. Tick the notifications that you want to get and untick the ones you don't want. You can have different settings for your own requests and notifications from people you manage on Turbine.
  5. Click Save profile.

Email filtering in email clients

You can use your mail client to set up different rules, for example to forward messages to an assistant or to delete unwanted messages.

Setting up email rules and filters varies from client to client:

Turbine emails have the word [Turbine] in the subject line in square brackets and you can also filter the emails on the words 'Approved', 'Completed' and so on. 




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