Set up teams, managers and approvals

Create a team

You can group employees into teams, such as offices, departments, line managers and subordinates. Depending on how you set up approvals, team managers also can approve their team member’s requests.

  1. Login as an admin user
  2. Select Teams on the menu menu
  3. Click on Add team to create a new team 
  4. Enter the name of the team and click Create team

Add managers

  1. Each team can have no managers, one manager or several of them. Just enter names into the box and then select the manager you want from the drop down menu that appears. Use the little cross by someone’s name to delete them. 
  2. Click Save next to the managers box.
  3. To delete managers from a team, click on the 'x' by the manager's name.

Set approval limits

  1. Simply tick the request types that you want the managers of this team to be able to approve. For example, you may have local managers approve small purchase orders but senior managers approve large ones. 

Add members

  1. Click Add members.
  2. Assign members to the team using by typing names into the ‘Add members’ box.  
  3. Add as many as you like and then click save there too.
  4. Once added you can see the team members in a list at the bottom of the page.
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