Export data to a spreadsheet or CSV

These steps will help you need export data from Turbine, such as a list of approved purchase requests or a table of holiday requests. Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel are useful for reporting and analysis and you can use them to import data from Turbine into accounts packages.

  1. Click on Time offPurchases or Expenses on the main menu, depending on the information you want to export. 
  2. Use the filter menu and/or search box to select the information you want to export (e.g. records for just one team or requests by one person). Note that managers can see their subordinate’s requests and the admin user can see everybody’s. 
  3. Click on Export at the top of the list area and then select the items you want to export. For example, if you want to export purchase orders on the purchases page, select 'Purchase requests'. This will download the currently selected view, with filters applied, to a .CSV file which you can open in Excel or another spreadsheet program.
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