Help, I'm not getting emails from Turbine

If there is a technical problem with Turbine itself we will post a notification on the support site.

If there are no updates from us, it's safe to assume that your email non-delivery is the result of mistyping, misconfiguration or email filtering. 

  1. Have you received a Turbine activation email and clicked on the link to open your account? If not, read our guide to solving login problems.
  2. It sounds obvious, but are you sure you've got the right email address in Turbine. Check with your Turbine account owner to make sure you're in the system and that the system has your correct address.
  3. Occasionally, if you add an email address to Turbine before you it is live on your email system, Turbine might send an invitation email, get rejected and then block further emails to that address because we don't want to look like a spammy sender. In this case, we need to remove that block manually. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that someone's email is fully active before adding it Turbine.
  4. If you are receiving some emails from Turbine, such as the activation email, but you are not getting notifications about requests, check that you have not blocked notification emails in your settings. This guide explains how to block and unblock notifications.
  5. If that didn't help, make sure you have set up some kind of email filter or rules to process Turbine in your own email client.
  6. Should you actually be receiving notifications at all? This FAQ explains who can see and approve requests and this guide explains how to debug approvals so you can make sure that the right managers are getting requests.
  7. In nearly every other case, the problem is with corporate or personal email systems blocking or filtering our messages. So, double-check your spam folder. 
  8. If there's nothing there, add Turbine to your list of safe senders. 
  9. Check with your IT support to make sure that Turbine hasn't been accidentally blacklisted or blocked by a corporate email filter.
  10. Get your IT support to add Turbine to your safe senders list. Add the IP address,, and * to the list of allowed senders.
  11. The most useful testing mechanism is to add a comment to an existing request that you personally created. This will send you a message each time without creating new requests.
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